Personal Training

Next Level Training

Are you looking for optimal fitness to achieve sport performance or overcome injuries for better sporting performance?

We offer a combination of Pilates for Fitness and Exercise for Performance one on one sessions.

Trainer: Georgia Tzanavaras

Georgia is bringing together a wealth of experience as Master Trainer (AIF) in the sporting fields and specialisation in high performance tennis and other sports to help you achieve your goals.



Master Trainer

Georgia has a background in sports science (B.Sp.Sc.&PE) and also is accredited with Fitness Australia as an AusRep (Master Trainer).

Exercise professionals registered with Fitness Australia provide a variety of exercise services for a range of clientele across many varied settings.

A member of the public may utilise fitness services as a leisure or recreation activity, to complement sporting pursuits, as a means of community participation, or to help prevent or to improve health problems. As such, a registered exercise professional plays a significant role in enhancing the overall quality of life of individuals and communities and is a contributor to an individual’s healthcare continuum. The core role of a Registered Exercise Professional is to plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programs for individuals and/or groups.

Our assessment is aligned with the Fitness Australia and ESSA guidelines.

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available around set classes

Pricing (One on One)

Initial assessment: $85
Single session: $80
30-minute session: $55
Block of 5 sessions: $375 ($75 per session)

All one-on-one sessions include home exercise advice.

Functional Movement Screen


What is F.M.S

Within our Personal Training setting we perform the FMS test to assess movement patterns and accurately correct and reassess functional movement. This type of functional assessment can be used to highlight an individual’s potential risk of sustaining a musculoskeletal disorder.

Georgia is passionate in identifying movement compensation patterns and is there to assist via the FMS test!

available around set classes

Traning Sessions



Provides individually tailored client assessments, program development, instruction and demonstration, supervised exercise sessions and client reviews. Maintains consistent monitoring and support for clients (including between sessions) May deliver exercise programs designed for participation by a group of clients with a mix of ages/fitness levels or one on one.

Georgia’s goal is to help clients to achieve optimal physical health through Personal Training and Pilates.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience in working with athletes through to recreational fitness populations can assist and cover any Fitness needs. Whether for general fitness, advanced sports preparation Or Rehabilitation after overuse injuries, we are here to help.

available around set classes